Emoji Day is a worldwide holiday to celebrate emojis. There is no "official" date for emoji day, but July 17th has become the de facto holiday.

At the heart of emojis is a character set known as Unicode which attempts to codify all the languages of the world to allow for flexible electronic communication. This character set includes emojis, and it's what makes an emoji you send on an iPhone visible on an Android (some vendors also have proprietary emojis that are not totally cross-device compatible but the emojis that are part of the Unicode set are the most official set of emojis).

EmojiDay.com was built by VeryTextual.com. It's our hope that we can use this website to share our love for Unicode and for emojis.

Join us as we celebrate! Happy Emoji Day! Or more appropriately, 🎉 📷 📝 📅